Remote Multi Drive

Ultimate quick and easy file sharing with all devices, over local Wi-Fi/WLAN network and over internet.
It provides a faster way to share files than Bluetooth as it works over local network.
The shared content is accessible via web browsers and file managers which supports DAVFS / Webdav.


First connect the mobile and other devices to the same local network (Wi-Fi, Hotspot, WLAN) and use the shown network address in browser after start.
The network address is not adjustable from Remote Multi Drive.
The network address is an unique identifier on network and most of cases it is given by a Wi-Fi router when the connection is established.
If no Wi-Fi network available you can use Wi-Fi Direct or hotspot mode.
Wi-Fi Direct allows Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or later devices with the appropriate hardware to connect directly to each other via Wi-Fi.
Not works with all 3G connection, depends on internet provider.

About the colors of network addresses

The local Wi-Fi address is white.
The green public address accessible from internet.
The red address not accessible from the internet because the router settings, or the firewall, or the Mobile AP connection is not allow to access the server port.
To get accessible address from the internet read the next links:


  • Sharing files from any directory via web based file manager
  • HTTP Media Server & Video Streaming Server
  • Automatic gallery generation for pictures, and for other files
  • Built-in java file manager with thumbnail view, bookmarks for folders, and wireless file synchronization in java supported browsers
  • Easy to use for files download and upload with all devices, only web browser and network connection required
  • Connections with QR Codes
  • Dynamic DNS (domain name) support
  • Resume download support (tested only with wget)
  • Network traffic limit setting
  • Password protection
  • Basic HTTP authentication support
  • Webdav support

Dynamic DNS service

Before use register a domain name on
The server always accessible on registered name independently from dynamic addresses.
And works only when the public address is accessible (green)

Tips and Tricks

Webdav and Streaming not works with simple password protection!
If the server not accessible on local network probably the mobile using 3G connection instead of Wi-Fi.
Usually the local address starts with http://192.168. , and in SSL mode the address starts with https://192.168.
Hotspot Wi-Fi mode requires 3G internet connection to work, but it not used on local network by Remote Multi Drive.
The java file manager requires to restart the browser after the network connection interrupted.
Video Streaming example:
Select a video file for sharing and start MX Player on connected device -> Menu -> Network stream and
type the shown network address.

Webdav support

Works with modern popular file managers like Total Commander with webdav plugin, Krusader, Dolphin, and Nautilus(Ubuntu).
Only basic file operations are supported used by file managers.


Only the external storage is writeable.
Opera Mini browser unable to connect to the local network (it uses the special proxy server of Opera) !


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